Staleks – Pro Expert 眉毛用鑷子 – 寬斜型


來自烏克蘭專業的美甲/美睫/美容 專家級工具品牌 Staleks,Pro Expert

  • 寬斜邊
  • 可用於矯正粗而寬的眉毛
  • 由於邊緣略微傾斜,在操作過程中可舒適地握持
  • 對整個毛髮長度能可靠抓握,去除毛髮時不會在毛囊中留下根部
  • 光滑表面可防止在過程中刮傷皮膚
  • 專業手工磨鋒技術
  • 平滑的操作可減少手部疲勞
  • 時尚,舒適的觸感緞面
  • 細長的手柄使操作流暢
  • 使用 AISI 420不銹鋼材質

Eyebrow Tweezers (Wide Slant)

  • Wide slanted edges
  • Recommended for correction of thick, wide eyebrows
  • Comfortable grip during operation due to slightly slanted edges
  • The large functional area of the instrument guarantees reliable grip on the whole hair length to remove hairs without leaving roots in the follicle
  • Comfortable grip even on the shortest, thin hairs due to narrow instrument edges (0.1mm)
  • The smooth finish of the outer work section prevents scratching skin during treatment
  • Professional manual sharpening
  • Smooth stroke for reduced fatigue in hands
  • Stylish, pleasant to touch satin finish
  • Elongated handles contribute greatly to the stroke smoothness
  • AISI 420 stainless steel.



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