Staleks – Pro Expert 專業極致甘皮剪


來自烏克蘭專業的美甲/美睫/美容 專家級工具品牌 Staleks,Pro Expert 專業極致甘皮剪,細緻地修剪介面,沒有指孔的直柄,適合較長的操作時間,為專業人士,帶來更完美的工作體驗。

  • 細長的手柄,可清晰地看到切割處
  • 操作方便靈活
  • 細緻地修剪介面
  • 經典的刀片曲線
  • 專業的手工磨鋒技術,可使修剪更精確乾淨
  • 刀片背面拋光可防止甲面受傷
  • 平滑無縫的操作可減少疲勞
  • 適合較長的操作時間,沒有指孔的直柄,因此不會擦傷皮膚
  • 使用 AISI 420不銹鋼材質

Professional Micro Scissors (Blade width 15MM)

  • Clear overview of the cut line due to elongated handles
  • Agile handling and ease of operation
  • Miniature cutting part
  • Classical blade curve
  • Clean and precise cut due to professional manual sharpening of cutting edges
  • The polished back face of the blade prevents nail plate injuries
  • Reduced fatigue due to smooth, seamless stroke
  • Suitable for longer operation periods as straight handles without finger holes do not graze the skin
  • AISI 420 stainless steel


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