Mozhzheri – Universal Pusher 鋼推 – 半圓型


來自俄羅斯專業的美甲修型工具品牌 Mozhzheri,較扁平方正的推頭在使用上能完整貼合指緣,另一側半圓型的推棒,可在卸甲時輕鬆推除凝膠,亦可清除指緣角質。本商品為手工打磨,每支外型會有誤差,不會影響正常使用。

Safely and carefully move the grown cuticle, getting ready for further procedures. The shape of the working surface is perfect for any nail plate type. It is provided for pushing cuticle, cleaning nail plate, and side walls area. It is ideal for all manicure techniques. Manual grinding.



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