Mozhzheri – Scissors 甘皮剪 – 極緻型


來自俄羅斯專業的美甲修型工具品牌 Mozhzheri,極緻型指縁甘皮剪是 Mozhzheri 最熱門的專業工具之一。
前端微彎,手柄長度為 10cm。使用輕便及銳利,角度好控制,可以細微地修剪到一般剪刀難以碰到的細節,且因為握把的方式較傳統剪刀不同,操作上視野也開闊不易有死角,輕鬆一氣呵成剪除指縁甘皮,不會因拉扯角質而造成肉刺與雜皮材質為優質鋼材,不需要另行拋磨。


The most popular professional tool for perfect cuticle cutting. Is used for classic manicure and combined manicure as well. Manual grinding. Useful thin sharp curved tip. The handle length is 10 cm. Looks nice and convenient while using. Cut well and do not tear cuticle. Do not require grinding due to the high-quality steel used. Have free and smooth blades pace. Reach even hard-to-reach spots and open up a good view.

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