Mozhzheri – Flame Bit 鑽石磨頭 – 火焰(紅)


來自俄羅斯專業的美甲修型工具品牌 Mozhzheri ,火焰型鑽石磨頭輕微的抛磨力適合薄而敏感的肌膚。用來打開指縁口袋,磨指溝及兩側硬皮。

Premium quality diamond bits are used for skin elaboration and cuticle removal. Flame tips allow elaborating side and back cavities really safe and effective while doing manicure, to clean away pterygium, and to lift the wall.
Red notch stands for little abrasive power and is used for thin and sensitive skin.


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尺寸 Size

大火焰 Large ( flame bit 023 ), 小火焰 Small-Thin ( flame bit 018 ), 胖火焰 Small-Curvy ( flame bit 021 )